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Infectious diseases
Web Links

Electronic resources of open-access infectious diseases clinical cases/images.

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Relevant reference: Falagas ME, Karveli EA, Panos G. Abstract Infectious disease cases for educational purposes: open-access resources on the Internet. Clin Infect Dis. 2007;45:495-500.

  Web Link Hits
  Link   National Resource for Infection Control
Website by the Department of Health and City eHealth Research Center (UK). A single-access point to existing resources within infection control for both Infection Control and all other healthcare staff.
  Link   Infectious Diseases Consultants. Case of the month.
Infectious Diseases Consultants of Traverse City, Michigan provide infectious diseases services to the residents and healthcare providers of Northern Michigan.
  Link   Dt of Pediatrics - University of Hawaii, J.A. Burns School of Medicine
Case based pediatrics
  Link   Medi-Smart: Nursing education resources/ University of Florida-Health Science Center. Influenza A to B.
Interactive case studies (4) that examine syndromes caused by influenza virus. Each case is presented with several questions; answers are provided.
  Link   The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education- CUNY medical school. Virology Clinical Cases.
Presentation of 2 ID cases. The cases are presented as vignettes followed by several questions.
  Link   Parasite online. Quiz of the month
Presentation of 60 patient cases of parasitic infectious diseases. (12 clinical cases for each of the years from 2001 to 2005.). Each quiz has a 2/page format: The 1stpage presents the topic; the 2nd provides a discussion of the answer.
  Link   CDC’s Division of Parasitic Diseases (DPDx). Monthly Case Studies.
The Case Studies Archive provides access to their monthly case studies starting in December of 1998. The cases regard parasitic infectious diseases of public health concern.
  Link   The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education- CUNY medical school. Mycology Clinical Cases
Presentation of 2 ID cases. The cases are presented as vignettes followed by several questions.
  Link   Fungal Infections Virtual Grand Rounds: home page. Case Studies
16 interactive case studies (developed at MIT - chief editor Dr. Robert H. Rubin). Users can identify different types of fungal infections and formulate a diagnosis and case-management.
  Link   Loyola University Medical Education Network. Pulmonary Case Studies
Presentation of 6 patient cases with infectious diseases of the lungs.Another 7 pulmonary case studies focus on cancer, embolism, sarcoidosis and COPD.
  Link   The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education - CUNY medical school. Infectious diseases clinical cases
Presentation of 2 ID cases. The cases are presented as vignettes followed by several questions.
  Link   Heartland National Tuberculosis center. Case Studies
Presentation of 3 patient cases with tuberculosis. All 3 cases were added in the website in the year 2006.
  Link   Partners Infectious Disease images.
A vast collection of ID images with case descriptions. Free registration is required.
  Link   Pri-Med Online: On line CME (Continuing Medical Education) activities. Patient case studies
Interactive case studies presentation (4 scenarios). From initial findings and differential diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.
  Link   University of Florida. Medical microbiology and infectious diseases. Case studies.
Presentation of 72 cases, divided in categories regarding the anatomical site or the causative factor. Most cases regard infectious diseases. The website visitor can select either the “Review” or the “Quiz” mode on the cases presented.
  Link   University of Florida. Medical microbiology and infectious diseases.Major clinical presentations.
Cases are categorized in 13 categories regarding the main symptoms that are presenting. The website visitor can select either the presentation or the quiz mode on the infectious diseases cases.
  Link   “Infectious diseases in children” What’s your diagnosis
A list (from March 2001) of monthly case studies, appearing in the journal “Infectious Diseases in Children.” Free registration is required.
  Link   University of Leeds/Microbiology (UK), Clinical Cases
4 clinical cases are presented. The website is addressed to the medical students of the university as a tutorial focused on developing diagnostic skills.
  Link   Centers for Disease Control and prevention
Public Health Image Library. Specific request is needed as a search key
  Link   Hardin MD – The University of Iowa
Infectious diseases/ Bacterial diseases/ Microbiology. Provides direct links to numerous sources of clinical-case images categorized by diagnosis
  Link   “Doctor Fungus” Website
Image Bank.Run query: humans, clinical presentation
  Link   Tropical disease research (TDR)
TDR image library. Difficult to use. Specific information regarding the photo is requested.
  Link   Health on the net foundation
Diseases / bacterial infections and mycosis. Run query: diseases, bacterial infections and mycosis.
  Link   John Hopkins center for clinical global health education
Distance education – Archived infectious diseases grand rounds.Valuable video collection
  Link   Mycologue publications
Medical mycology. Limited collection of fungal infections’ clinical presentation.
  Link   AIDS imaging
Photo index, images of clinical presentation of infections in HIV-patients.
  Link   Dermatologist image resource
Bacterial infections. Clinical images of bacterial skin infections.
  Link   Carlo Denegri foundation
Atlas of medical parasitology. Images of parasites and clinical images of the infections they cause.
  Link   American Academy of Pediatrics
Photos of children with infectious diseases, limited collection
  Link   Vaccine information for the public and health professionals
Vaccine preventable diseases photos, good collection of clinical images on vaccine-preventable diseases
  Link   MD choice – Medical information finder.
Clinical cases categorized by diagnosis, mainly focused on infection/infectious diseases.
  Link   Clinical cases developed at KCOM (Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine)
Limited presentation of clinical cases.
  Link   Cleveland clinic, clinical cases and images, infectious disease.
Good collection of case histories, with links to imaging, and clinical examination websites.
  Link   Armed forces infectious disease society, Infectious diseases image collection.
Photomicrographs, radiology images, and photos of interesting physical findings.
  Link   Alfa institute of biomedical sciences, teaching cases.
The majority of cases (almost all infectious diseases) come from the institute’s research group. Cases from other institutions appear occasionally.


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