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Educational dermatology clinical cases and/or photo-quizzs (directly accessible clinical problems). Image databases of dermatological disorders

Relevant reference: Papadavid E, Falagas ME. World Wide Web resources of open access, educational dermatology clinical image quizzes and databases. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2007 Mar 15; [Epub ahead of print].

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  Link   University of Iowa-College of Medicine Department of Dermatology-US
Clinical skin Disease Images- Dermatologic Image Database. Easily accessible atlas of good quality dermatology images of skin diseases listed by alphabetical order- website for dermatopathology images by diagnosis available-several links with the bes
  Link   Hardin MD-The University of Iowa-US
Hardin MetaDirectory Dermatology. Easily accessible “directory of directories” , a source to find the best lists or directories for clinical photos of skin diseases listed in a alphabetized index.
  Link   University of Erlangen-Germany c
DermIS (Dermatologic Online Image Atlas). Easily and always accessible- excellent image database with the choice of two atlases: DOIA (Dermatological Online Atlas) and PeDOIA (Pediatric Dermatological Online Atlas) – search of skin diseases by alphab
  Link   University of Erlangen-Germany b
DermIS (Dermatologic Online Image Atlas). Easily and always accessible- excellent image database with the choice of two atlases: DOIA (Dermatological Online Atlas) and PeDOIA (Pediatric Dermatological Online Atlas) – search of skin diseases by alphab
  Link   University of Erlangen-Germany a
DermIS (Dermatologic Online Image Atlas)Easily and always accessible- excellent image database with the choice of two atlases: DOIA (Dermatological Online Atlas) and PeDOIA (Pediatric Dermatological Online Atlas) – search of skin diseases by alphabet
  Link   John Hopkins University School of Medicine-US b
Dermatlas-index-new image. Easily accessible large dermatology image atlas with 9119 clinical photos with description and diagnosis of a wide range of skin diseases- several links.
  Link   University of Utah-US
Dermatology Image Index. Poor index of skin conditions with clinical photos and definitions-last updated in 3/27/2000.
  Link   University of Loyola-US
Dermatology Atlas. Easily accessible atlas with good clinical and histological images of common skin diseases -several links.
  Link   University of Padova
“On line Atlas” of Dermatology and Rheumatology. Easily accessible atlas of cutaneous manifestations in rheumatic diseases.
  Link   Consultant live
Photoclinic-see the entire collection. Step by step guide included in our list due to its massive image archive.
  Link   Dermatologist image resource
The Dermatologists Image Resource-weekly clinic-case photo library-video demonstration. Easily accessible-large collection of good quality clinical images for several listed skin disorders including composite of images, photolibrary and video demons
  Link   Dermquest
Image library. Free registration obligatory and search by diagnosis– great image library with good quality clinical images covering a wide range of dermatological diseases.
  Link   New Zealand Dermatology Society-
A-Z page Index. Easily accessible alphabetized index of skin conditions with emphasis on description and treatment.
  Link   American Academy of Dermatology
Public resource center-Dermatology A-Z. Easily accessible resource on common dermatological conditions, treatments, terminology and selected educational images.
  Link   National skin center of Singapore.
Public education-information of skin diseases. Easily accessible site of clinical images of common skin conditions with simplified information for public use.
  Link   AOCD (American Osteopathy College of Dermatology)
Dermatologic disease database. Easily accessible site of clinical images of skin diseases listed alphabetically with good description.
  Link   Danderm (Danish national service of Dermato-Venereology)
An Atlas of Clinical Dermatology. Easily accessible site of several very good clinical photos and good categorization.
  Link   Crutchfield Dermatology a
For Healthcare Providers-Dermatology Image Library and Atlas. Free login necessary - extensive photographic collection of good quality clinical images with no description
  Link   Merck
The Merck manuals on line dermatologic library. Easily accessible site of dermatologic disorders with extensive text but limited clinical photos
  Link   Achives of Dermatology
Archives Clinical Challenge - on line quiz. Easily accessible - excellent photo quiz of challenging dermatology cases with brief case presentation and histology images - invites dermatologists to test their diagnostic skills – monthly basis - diagnos
  Link   New England Journal of Medicine
Featured images in clinical medicine. Image challenges(Dermatology cases included in these categories). The reader should go trough all images to select the dermatology cases Very challenging medical cases on weekly basis, including dermatology (We
  Link   Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis- Department of Medicine- Dermatology Division
Case of the month. Excellent quiz with brief presentation of dermatological conditions with good quality clinical photos and histological or other relevant laboratory findings / CME approved.
  Link   John Hopkins University School of Medicine-US
Dermatlas-quiz. Easily accessible online dermatology photo quiz with good quality clinical images and information only on gender, age and location-differential diagnosis with multiple choice answers and final correct diagnosis.
  Link   University of North Carolina
Dermatology Slide Atlas-Index (step by step). Easily accessible, very educational photo quiz of teaching dermatology cases with good quality photos, typical laboratory findings and treatment.
  Link   University of Beirut
Cases. Brief case reports with clinical and histological photos including diagnosis and discussion for medical students and dermatology trainees.
  Link   MD Choice
Interactive education-Photo rounds. Easily accessible site of hundreds of brief interesting educational cases with clinical photos and choice of viewing cases for diagnosis and cases by diagnosis.
  Link   Primed
On line CME-Patient Case Studies in skin and soft tissue diseases. Not easily accessible- on line registration for CME- approved interactive patient case studies.
  Link   Emergency medicine (journal
Excellent educational skill with clinical image quiz, short case presentation and correct diagnosis.
  Link   Consutlant live
Article Index-Major subjects-skin diseases. Excellent self assessment test with photo quiz, multiple choice answers and the correct diagnosis is provided on the next page.
  Link   Alfa Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Easily accessible site of monthly updated cases with teaching points, one of the few non-US.
  Link   Dermatology On line Journal
Current or previous issues-Case presentations. Easily accessible site of brief case reports with clinical and dermatopathology photos and comments.
  Link   Internet Dermatology Society
Global dermatology-Grand round cases-case of the month. Easily accessible site of dermatology cases with very brief history, clinical photos and diagnosis- Updated in September 1996.
  Link   Cleveland clinic
Medical publications- Image quiz (Center for continuing education). Easily accessible site with large archive of interesting images. The reader should go trough all images to select the dermatology cases. The image of the week tests the clinician’s a
  Link   Walter Reed Army Medical Center
WRAMC General Internal Medicine Service- Riddler Choice of specialty =dermatology. Site with step by step guide to a limited number of dermatology cases coming with short history and final diagnosis based on the clinical image
  Link   Austin and Repatriation Medical Center-Dermatology Unit
Cases. Free login necessary- teaching cases in Dermatology illustrating diagnostic problems with short history and multiple choice selection of diagnosis-regularly updated.
  Link   Virtual Hospital Grand Rounds in Dermatology
Archives. Easily accessible site of interesting dermatology cases from all over the world with good quality clinical photos and extended description and discussion.
  Link   Crutchfield Dermatology
For Healthcare Providers-case of the month. Free login necessary –easily accessible site of good clinical photos with brief rubrics for diagnosis - links to several dermatology on line websites for more information.


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