/Does Drug Addiction Start With Marijuana?

Does Drug Addiction Start With Marijuana?

The decriminalization of marijuana is well underway in the U.S. Quite a few states are legalizing the use and sale of cannabis, along with taxing it outright. Medical marijuana is finding its way into pharmacies to help those who suffer from many chronic conditions.

People tend to think of marijuana as the safe, or soft, drug. Not just because it’s being sold as something positive these days, but also because so many people use it. Some people even smoke marijuana every day and claim they have no side effects or problems.

Don’t Forget: It’s A Drug

The important thing to remember is that marijuana is a drug and it is mind altering. Over time use of it can cause problems just like any other drug. That doesn’t mean the problems are dangerous or even as serious, but it does cause issues, and that should not be ignored.

Marijuana is a drug that is often smoked by the younger crowds recreationally. They smoke it at parties or after work to relax. Plenty of young adults smoke pot without turning to other drugs over time, but there are others who do.

Brain Development

Our brains keep right on developing into our early twenties. Which means many people start experimenting and smoking marijuana way too young. Early use of marijuana can actually make people enjoy the effects of opiate drugs later on.

Consistent use of marijuana at a young age can lead to memory impairment and coordination issues. Also, have you ever seen that one perpetually high friend? That’s addiction no matter how you spin it. They should be able to function without marijuana in their system.

What It Can Lead To

If a teen or young adult smokes pot and is around a lot of other people who do, they are more likely to be around people who use or sell other drugs. These can be drugs they would never have considered being around before.

Marijuana is also just plain easier to access. It can be easy to find people who are willing to sell or share, and if it is the only drug they can get then they will make do.

People who use marijuana are actually more likely to try other, harder, drugs at least. It is considered a gateway drug in the same sense that alcohol and tobacco are. This is because being around it and using it can make the idea of trying other drugs more appealing.

Marijuana is a drug that is smoked all over the world. Plenty of people do it occasionally or are social smokers. Some people, like with anything, overdo it. Addiction doesn’t always happen just because a substance can cause it.

We can become psychologically addicted to feeling the effects of a simple drug like marijuana. It still produces a high that can be grown attached to.

If you think you are addicted to marijuana there are plenty of resources to help you figure that out.