/Teen Vaping Trend Is On Rising: Do Parents Have To Worry?

Teen Vaping Trend Is On Rising: Do Parents Have To Worry?

Something kids have been taught in school for the last 20 years is that smoking is dangerous. From a young age, they learn that smoke and nicotine can cause cancer and wreak havoc on normally healthy lungs.

That’s dangerous, so many people avoid smoking for that reason. Also, smoking can smell really bad and ruin your teeth and the skin.

The problem with vaping is that you can too easily think it’s nothing like smoking cigarettes, even though it’s really just a healthier alternative. Vaping is still addictive, even if the clouds of vapor smells like cotton candy.

More than 2 million high school students used e-cigarettes in 2017, which is a scary colossal number of children who are substitute smoking.

Finally, changes are being made when it comes to how e-cigarettes are marketed toward teenagers, along with illegal sales of them to minors. Which is actually a huge problem because people think they aren’t dangerous.

What is Vaping?

Vaping started as a way to help people quit smoking. It was an alternative that wasn’t as killer as regular cigarettes, though many e-liquids are still made with different levels of nicotine in them.

Too quickly now vaping has become just as addictive as regular cigarettes. They look sleek, cool, and attractive, so teenagers don’t feel as gross smoking them and think they look classy or modern.

Teenagers can believe that there is no risk of nicotine addiction ICD 10 by smoking e-cigarettes, but if they aren’t careful, they can smoke something with a nicotine content and then find themselves needing a daily hit.

Why Do Teens Vape?

Thanks to social media pressure, everyone knows all about vaping and can order various mods online. They can have them customized and up to date with the latest technology. This makes them attractive and easy to convince themselves they are doing no harm.

Pictures of smoke clouds or kids having fun vaping are common to come across on different social media sites and can influence a kid’s choice to vape. They want to get likes on their posts or fit a certain aesthetic.

Dangers of Vaping

Did you know that there are quite a few stories about vapors having their e-cigarettes explode on them? Yes, combustible cigarettes are being sold to our children, and people have died due to these malfunctions.

Businesses easily sell these e-cigarettes to teenagers without IDing them, especially because they don’t fully realize the dangers of it themselves. But teens are young and still developing, so anything they breathe into their lungs or take into their bodies can effects them, often negatively.

Talking to Your Kids

It’s essential to be open with your kids when it comes to something like vaping. You want to explain your stance on it, and why you don’t think it’s healthy, you can’t just tell them not to do it. The best way to get a kid to break the rules is to not explain why they are there in the first place, even if they seem obvious to you.

You can easily talk to your kids by asking about it on your own. Just ask them if they ever saw kids at school vaping, or if they’re friends have tried it.

Ask them without any consequences if they’ve tried it and what they’ve thought. Then slowly inform them about all the problems with it. They may decide by themselves to not to vape, but you explaining why you don’t want them to do it can help immensely.

Just be sure to talk to your kid and know what you are talking about so that they have a reason to trust your judgment.