/Why Do Teens Start To Experiment With Drugs?

Why Do Teens Start To Experiment With Drugs?

Let’s get this right straight from the start: not all kids that use drugs are “bad kids”. Anyone can use drugs, not just teenage delinquents who steal and get into fights. The valedictorian can use drugs, and the prom queen can use drugs. That’s the whole point.

Teens brains are still developing and they go through so much in high school. There are so many reasons that a teenager may use drugs, and they don’t always fit the bill we’re thinking of. Here are some reasons that a teen might start experimenting with drugs.


Honestly, it can be so easy to get bored for a teen. Their minds are always racing, and they are always ready to experience new things. Drug use can fill the empty time they have and easily lead to addiction.

For Bonding With Others

Making friends can be difficult. If someone suggests that they smoke pot after school, they might jump at the chance, thinking it can bring them together and help them find friends. It’s meant to help them fulfill the need to be social and make friends.


Some teenagers might feel the need to escape their lives and use drugs to do that. From grades, the stress of school and parents expectations to shattered love lives. Hormones and emotions are raging fully, and they might think drugs can help them forget their troubles and be happier.


Simply enough, teens just might want to try it. Curiosity is a natural urge and teens might just want to know what a drug feels like when you use it.  There is this idea that nothing is too bad when you’re a kid, and they think drugs are probably not as bad as adults make them out to be.

Weight Loss

There is a lot of pressure to look a certain way, especially when it comes to your weight. This can be particularly bad for teenagers who always feel that they aren’t good enough. They might start using drugs to lose weight and try and improve their self-esteem or get boys attention.


High school can be very stressful. There’s school, sports, family, maintaining a social life, etc. All of these things can feel impossible to manage to a teen. They might start using drugs as a way to cope with all the stress even though it is never a good idea.